The dream thief

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Hmm.. If you don’t smoke for a three weeks.. I’ll hmm.. Something you really want.. I can draw you anything, write you special smut.. or something else you want.. If you fail.. Hmm.. I will fly to your place and eat all your smokes!

scratch that second part because I wouldn’t stop smoking at all to get you here 0_0
Okay, if I fail I’ll make your favourite fanfiction into actual book. Printed on high quality paper, handmade, with covers and illustrations (if there are any) and everything.

If I won’t smoke for a 6 months I’ll do it for you anyway as a thank-you ;)

how about that?

  1. sweetfrost said: omg It’s on.. Okay so if you fail, I have to snort wasabi up my nose. HEHEHEH
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